Henry Jaremko - Photographer / Artist

Henry Jaremko is a photographer and artist.
He was born in Brighton, Sussex, UK in April 1962
Currently he lives and works in Yorkshire.

To contact him please visit his photography business website at www.silvercanvas.com

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Henry Jaremko's Photography

Rejecting conventional career paths for photographers in the 1970s such as wedding, reportage or fashion, Henry chose instead to concentrate on photography as a fine art. He funded this by working in the computer industry between 1983 and 1998. Between 1990 and 1998 he specialised in multimedia and Internet networking. This work left him free in his own time, to pursue any kind of photographic imagery he desired without having to satisfy commercial needs. In 1998, Henry adopted freelance work leaving him with more time and since then he has been focusing more exclusively on his photographic work.

Henry Jaremko's Photographic Style

'Reggie' (1987) by Henry Jaremko
Reggie (1987)
by Henry Jaremko

'Emma' (2011) by Henry Jaremko
Emma (2011)
by Henry Jaremko

'Monty Oxymoron' (1983) by Henry Jaremko
Monty Oxymoron (1983)
by Henry Jaremko

'Dita Von Teese' (2007) by Henry Jaremko
Dita Von Teese (2007)
by Henry Jaremko

'The Molestors' (1977) by Henry Jaremko
The Molestors (1977)
by Henry Jaremko

'Julia' (1987) by Henry Jaremko
Julia (1987)
by Henry Jaremko

Located in Brighton, between the years 1976 and 1983 Henry initially photographed all types of subjects, including urban landscapes and rock bands. In 1983 having finished his education he continued his studies into photography privately. This resulted in a deepening of his understanding and appreciation of photography as an art (even at this time, not a given). A period of experimentaion began; adapting paint/canvas based techniques in order to playfully test the boundaries between traditional art and photography.

It was also around this time that he started what was to be a lifelong interest with classic cinema, classic Hollywood portraiture and glamour as produced by photographers such George Hurrell and Clarence Sinclair Bull amongst others. Attempting to emulate this style in 1988, with a "willing female friend/victim", he then started to focus specifically on this type of portraiture.

In 1998, when he switched to freelance work, more time was available and Henry started to produce a lot more imagery of this kind. His style, now heavily vintage Hollywood glamour with a dash of pin up, led him to meet and start working with Dita Von Teese, both as her webmaster and frequent photographer.

In 2002 Henry moved to Yorkshire (near to York). He intially worked on a commercial basis, predominantly in fetish and glamour styles of photography, until 2008 when he made a move back towards female portraiture and fine art with a glamorous vintage Hollywood spin to it.

Henry now spends most of his time in his purpose built studio on the production of photography both for fine art purposes and on commission.

Henry Jaremko In Print

Henry's work has been in print many times over the years. Most notably perhaps in Dita Von Teese' book "Burlesque and the Art of the Teese" and also in "Fetish Goddess" - both of which are in print and available in high street stores. His work has also been published in many different magazines across the world. In July 2007 his work (amongst others) of Dita featured at "Very Lingerie, Very Dita" - an exhibition of photographs in Japan at Tokyo's Spiral Gallery.

Silvercanvas Photography

Henry's photographic business is known as Silvercanvas Photography and has it's own website here.

Written Word

As a long time student of classic cinema Henry has written about vintage British cinema on a number of occasions and has interviewed some of it's stars... most notably Patricia Roc, one of the leading ladies of British cinema in the 1940s. His interview with her is available at www.patriciaroc.com - a site he set up to commemorate her contributions to the British film industry. His interest in classic Hollywood and British cinema continues.


Henry is currently active producing dance music under the name Mondo Techno.

Other Media

Henry has also worked in various video, music and sound production projects.

For more information please visit www.silvercanvas.com

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